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Welcome to my portfolio

Guru Chat

Used the ChatGPT API to create a chat application where users can get advice from their favorite celebrity.

Financial Services

Implemented invoicing and reporting features in SaaS product for managing buy-side trade commissions.

Vertical Farming

Developed functionality for Bowery Farming to use an automated cutting machine for crop harvesting.

NFT Collection

Created an ERC-721 compliant NFT collection on the Ethereum network integrated with OpenSea.

Satellite Operations

Developed web-based applications to replace legacy systems at Digital Globe, provider of satellite imagery.

Local Events App

Created a web/mobile app to provide local event listings. Integrated with Google Maps and Google Calendar.

Factory Automation

Developed web app to automate the operations of Capsys Corp, a modular construction firm.

Personal Trainer App

Developed a mobile app to automate workflow for personal trainers and enable remote interaction with clients.

Trip Journal App

Created a web/mobile app for logging trip details. Utilized Amazon Web Services for S3 storage.